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Goldenpaws is a bakery solely for our fur babies. We believe that diet has a very important role in shaping up a doggo’s physical and mental health. Here we understand how precious your pets are to you and that is why all our products are 𝙜𝙡𝙪𝙩𝙚𝙣-𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙚 & slow baked/cooked to retain their nutrition value resulting in more crunchy & yummy treats. Love and food are the two most important factors in creating a strong bond between each pet & their parent. With a belief to give superior quality fresh & safe homemade products to all our pups we look forward to be part of happy foodie moments of their life! We use all natural real ingredients & NO artificial flavours, preservatives, fillers, salt or sugar.
𝙒𝙚 𝙗𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙝 & 𝙤𝙣𝙡𝙮 𝙤𝙣 𝙤𝙧𝙙𝙚𝙧.

Our Bakehouse Goodies

Magic Bone Broth ​

This superfood acts as an immunity booster & natural joint supplement. Good for their digestive tract, liver, nerves & bones. Give warm, cold, mix in kibble/fresh food or freeze in an ice tray and serve. What you get is a healthy happy & hydrated pooch.


These are the fresh baked treats made with real ingredients without any artificial flavours, colours, salt, butter or sugar. They come in ten different flavours. Not made with atta or maida healthy, light on the tummy & yummy yummy.

Pixie Donuts

Our donuts are baked and not fried. As these are not made of wheat (atta) or refined flour (maida) hence are easy to digest. Gluten free & wholesome. Can be given as a midday snacks, treats or for special occasions. Available in two flavours.

Pup Cakes

Our cupcakes for dogs can be given as single serving treat to your furry. Made with all natural dog friendly ingredients like oats, rice flour, eggs, unsweetned peanut butter etc that is absolutely safe for your kid. High on fibre & nutrients. Can be given regularly without any guilt. Simply delicious.

Celebration Cakes

Our cakes serve dual purpose of a treat as well as a health food as these are made with all natural ingredients. They come in different shapes and can be customised to your pets needs. Can be given as a birthday meal too. Order it for special day or just order to make it their any day special.

Golden Paste

This anti inflammatory paste is a natural joint supplement. Helps in preventing old age related bone issues like arthritis, stiffness if given on a regular basis in your doggo’s food. Antibacterial & powerful antioxidant. It increases golden years to your pets life span.

Pawsome Bites

These are mini paw shape chunks of nutrition treats which make your four legged bestie drool till you feed them. It is filling, easy to digest and a health snack. You can give these as a daily treat, munchies or a barkday party return gift.

Frozen Treats

Cool your bestie in the hot weather with our summer treats. Available in four flavours. Delicious and good for them too. These are low calories so need not worry about overfeeding your furry. Frozen treats are available only for Gurgaon.

Pet Food

Our pet food is fresh semi wet and home cooked. It is a healthy mix of protein, carbs & other nutrients.Has to be stored in freezer. Thaw, warm if needed & serve to your drooling friend. Weight of each packet depends on feed of your pet.

Woof Woof !!

We use all natural real ingredients and NO artificial flavours, preservatives, fillers, salt, butter, sugar.
Appreciate well in advance order as we bake fresh.

You can self pickup or opt for pickup service (by Swiggy / Wefast /Pidge ) from our location and for Delhi-NCR, Uber cab can be an option. Please note we only book the service on your behalf & charges to be paid directly to the driver.
We do not take any responsibity for the service of delivery partners.

For Home Delivery, charge will be Rs 125 ( Maximum 10 Kms).

To book your order, kindly do payment via Gpay, Paytm, Phonepe, UPI @ 8588850724


Paw Certified

We have been ordering birthday cakes as well as regular cookies and pup cakes from Golden paws.They are consistent with their quality and handle the orders efficiently. Bean (our puppy) is very happy with the treats made by Golden paws.A very happy and satisfied customer since four years. - Bean's Hooman Saumya Dixit

If there is one place that values the unique needs of our furry kids, it's Golden Paws bakery.From the first time they reached out to me,I was delighted by the sheer variety of gluten free healthy option available, that is otherwise so difficult to find anywhere. Food time = Fun time for Romeo, who looks forward to his shredded chicken and bone broth every day ! - Romeo's Hooman Preeti Yamdagni

One of the best cakes.... I loved your cake... it's the best. - Milo's Hooman Anjuri Gupta

"Athena means the world to us.She is our ""Baby Girl "".. our first daughter and the gentlest elder sibling to our human daughter.So,it should not come as a surprise that we pay utmost attention to our Baby Girl's health. We cook all meals for her at home.... even her treats such as chicken jerky are made at home as we do not trust quality of treats or preservatives used in packaged and store bought items. The ONLY person we trust to make things for athena is Ronika from Golden Paws. We know that Ronika uses the highest quality human grade ingredients to make all items and she even customizes them to our specifications. Her ""Magic broth"" is daily addition to Athena's home cooked dinner and the only cookies or cakes we trust if we are not baking it ourself is from Golden Paws. Athena loves them.Infact,her sister,my two and half year human daughter also loves the ""doggie"" cookies & cakes from Golden Paws & has them regularly.It is that safe & healthy & actually a fantastic alternative to store bought cookies which is filled with sugar. Thankyou Ronika Aunty !!! - Athena's Hooman Sayan Mitra"

Ronika's Magic Broth is indeed Magic ! My youngest pooch Mylo had developed severe gastro issues and had lost his appetite.The broth came to our rescue and helped him nurse back to health.All my babies love the broth and can't seem to have enough of it!! Truly Magical ! - Mylo's Hooman Sonal Pande