We have been ordering birthday cakes as well as regular cookies and pup cakes from Golden paws.They are consistent with their quality and handle the orders efficiently. Bean (our puppy) is very happy with the treats made by Golden paws.A very happy and satisfied customer since four years. - Bean's Hooman Saumya Dixit

If there is one place that values the unique needs of our furry kids, it's Golden Paws bakery.From the first time they reached out to me,I was delighted by the sheer variety of gluten free healthy option available, that is otherwise so difficult to find anywhere. Food time = Fun time for Romeo, who looks forward to his shredded chicken and bone broth every day ! - Romeo's Hooman Preeti Yamdagni

One of the best cakes.... I loved your cake... it's the best. - Milo's Hooman Anjuri Gupta

"Athena means the world to us.She is our ""Baby Girl "".. our first daughter and the gentlest elder sibling to our human daughter.So,it should not come as a surprise that we pay utmost attention to our Baby Girl's health. We cook all meals for her at home.... even her treats such as chicken jerky are made at home as we do not trust quality of treats or preservatives used in packaged and store bought items. The ONLY person we trust to make things for athena is Ronika from Golden Paws. We know that Ronika uses the highest quality human grade ingredients to make all items and she even customizes them to our specifications. Her ""Magic broth"" is daily addition to Athena's home cooked dinner and the only cookies or cakes we trust if we are not baking it ourself is from Golden Paws. Athena loves them.Infact,her sister,my two and half year human daughter also loves the ""doggie"" cookies & cakes from Golden Paws & has them regularly.It is that safe & healthy & actually a fantastic alternative to store bought cookies which is filled with sugar. Thankyou Ronika Aunty !!! - Athena's Hooman Sayan Mitra"

Ronika's Magic Broth is indeed Magic ! My youngest pooch Mylo had developed severe gastro issues and had lost his appetite.The broth came to our rescue and helped him nurse back to health.All my babies love the broth and can't seem to have enough of it!! Truly Magical ! - Mylo's Hooman Sonal Pande